Pilates with your Baby DVD

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Routines

Pilates with your Baby
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Pilates with your Baby, by Lauri Ann Stricker is a post-natal Pilates program designed for new mothers and their infants. The DVD includes a fundamental routines for anyone new to Pilates, or who would like a refresher on the basics. A beginner, intermediate and advanced routine are included so that you can continue to be challenged and benefit from the program as you grow stronger. Each routine focuses on strengthening the muscles of the abdominals and pelvic floor, as well as helping mothers to regain overall muscle tone, posture and balance. In addition to being a great workout, Pilates with your Baby is a great playtime activity for you and your baby. As you bend and twist, making silly faces, cuddling, and cooing for your baby: your little one will be overjoyed. Pilates with your Baby creates an opportunity for you to move in ways with your baby that not only feel good to him, but are good for him.

Lauri Ann Stricker is a certified, classically trained Pilates instructor, recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance. Lauri is the owner of Evergreen Pilates, and the author of Pilates for the Outdoor Athlete, Fulcrum 2007. Her mission is to maintain the integrity and excellence of Joseph Pilates's Method and to facilitate greater health and well-being in her clients, many of whom are new mothers.

Pilates with your Baby includes:

The only equipment you'll need is a mat or blanket, and a small pillow.


Approximate Running time: 50 minutes

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